Data Science: Similarity Least Squares (SLSTM) + physics + Statistical Design of Experiment (DOE)

            A New Paradigm for Analysis and Management of Complexity

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  1. DuPont automatic clinical analyzer: ACA (1978) created multivariate-multipoint analysis of analyte versus optical transmission profiles, thus doubling precision and diagnostic capability.
  2. direct combination H2O2 (1980): created models predicting unexpected yields, subsequently verified and patented.
  3. economic modeling (1980): developed signal-network model for fibers inventory control.
    that predicted in August, 1982, the great economic upturn, subsequently confirmed.
  4. TiO2 pigment (1989): increased yield by 5% (a $1MM dollar/day business)
  5. CAT (chromalin automatic toner proofing, 1985): improved performance to exceed market expectations
  6. ASA national award (1992) for signal-network solutions to chemical systems and processes
  7. Gordon conference (1992): presented signal-network method for solving science problems
  8. Nikon Research of America (Gil Varnell, president NRCA):(1992-1996) developed signal-network for laser tracking and QC of stepper-repeater semi-conductor production systems.
  9. Novartis/Bayer (1994-1998): doubled the productivity of NAD division of Chiron as supported by VP Mickey Urdea,
    subsequently sold to Bayer for ~billion dollars
  10. Incyte, Palo Alto, (1998-2001): developed portfolio of genomics analysis methods, listed on the USPTO website
  11. NovationBio (2001-2002): founded the technically-successful genomics startup, sold to Agilent after 911 tragedy
  12. Agilent (2002-2006): transferred NovationBio technology to Agilent Biosciences for patent submissions
  13. Diabetes (IDC and WellDoc,Inc):(2006-2013) developed validated comprehensive analytics library  and beneficial clinical science discoveries
  14. Discovered a law of diabetes leading to improvement in diabetes healthcare, announced by ADA, June, 2013
  15. Major impact on HCV healthcare and toxicology (see HCV project on home page)

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