Data Science: Similarity Least Squares (SLSTM) + physics + Statistical Design of Experiment (DOE)

            A New Paradigm for Analysis and Management of Complexity

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In summary SLSTM created a robust diagnostic HCV model where specificity error rates match those of sensitivity.
This page links the JVH clinical paper to SLSTM concepts,

Accurate model predicting sustained response at week 4 of therapy with pegylated interferon with ribavirin in patients with chronic hepatitis C 
M. Martinot-Peignoux, L. Comanor, J. M. Minor, M. P. Ripault, B.-N. Pham, N. Boyer, C. Castelnau, N. Giuily, D. Hendricks, Patrick Marcellin
Published article online: 16-Jun-2006 to appear in future volume


combinatorial impact of profile variables (super vectors)

critical patients

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